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I built a new system recently and decided to add a Soundblaster x-fi extreme gamer card to it to have the latest EAX features in games. I use 4.1 surround speaker set.

My problem is that the dialogs in most of the FPS games echo and are heard only from the front speakers. Other in-game sounds are weird, either quiet or can't be heard at all. The in-game videos are ok, however.

Here are my sound settings:

I have tried the onboard sound chip (mobo Asus P5Q Pro), but then all the game sounds are outputed through the fronts speakers only! In Windows all speakers work fine!

My old system had and old SoundBlaster Live 5.1 PCI card that worked like a charm. However this new x-fi model gives me headaches.

Any ideas what I could do with my card settings?

Thanks for input.
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  1. Disable both CMSS-3D settings

    CMSS-3D Virtual is for those who dont have surround speakers. This option gives virtual surround over the stereo speakers. Dont use this is you have 4.1 or 5.1 speakers

    CMSS-3D Surround is for those who have surround speakers but use it for playing back stereo source signal (such as a CD) Gaming audio is not stereo - it is surround sound so there is no need for CMSS-3D Surround which is an upmix.
    But it is handy for listening to music - try with and without it.

    Good Luck!
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. I disabled both CMSS and it seems it helped with what I needed. The gameplay sounds are good now, though some game menu music or pre-game videos are front speakers only. I supposed I can live with that as long as the game sounds are fine.
  3. Considering this thread solved.
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