gaming with a 9800 gtx + at high resolutions

Hi, I am about to buy a new graphics card but have a 28 inch monitor and wanted some advice.

Will the geforce 9800 gtx+ be able to play most new games (call of duty world at war for example) reasonably smoothly at the native resolution of my monitor at 1920x1200, and how soon do you reckon i would have to buy a new one to keep playing at this resolution?

I am in process of getting back into gaming so apologise for lack of knowledge. I can't really afford to step up to the price of the 260gtx for the near future but may rethink taking the PC route (i.e xbox 360) if the 9800 gtx+ isn't good enough.

the rest of my computer :

phenom quad 9650
3 GB of ddr2
SLI ready motherboard

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  1. Hmm, if only there was a web site on the Internet where a prospective buyer of video cards could go and research benchmarks for their favorite games, at specific resolutions perhaps, to see what level of performance to expect.

    I'd ask that question on a technical forum, to see what web site name you might learn...because I only hang out here and you know what kind of place this is!
  2. haha, apologies, probably should of looked around a bit first.
  3. You cpu will probably be a bottleneck for anything faster (graphics wise) anyway, but you should be able to play world at war reasonably well as well as games based on the unreal 3 engine etc.
  4. Thats what i'm beginining to think too, what about two geforce 9800 GTX+ if I decide to eventually reckon that will be a severe bottleneck and pointless?
  5. How much overclocking do you reckon I would need to do, and when games start using multiple threads will this change and the cpu will no longer be a bottleneck?
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