is my CPU good enough for SLI?

Hi, I have a phenom 9650 quad core cpu and am thinking of getting a 9800 GTX+. In the future I will probably buy another one (my motherboard supports SLI, I can't afford to spend the same amount in one go on one card, and I need to buy something now or the alternative is onboard graphics).

I am just wondering if this will be worth it in terms of cpu bottlenecking? I hope to play a variety of new games on 1920x1200 (as i have a 28 inch monitor) at a reasonably high level and reasonably smoothly, and looking at the benchmarks on this site it looks like it may be worth going SLI eventually (should be able to in 3 or 4 months) as long as my CPU is good enough.

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  1. A higher rated single card is better than SLI but your CPU will work fine with SLI and mild overclock.
  2. i think you should get the gtx260 a 9800gtx+ will start to suffer with newer games at that resolution.
  3. ok, cheers. When you say 'a mild overclock' how much do you mean, would say 2.6 do it?
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