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I've been searching all my usual tech sites and I was wondering if anyone has heard anything about any about ATI's new series they will be comming out with? I know the 4800's are relatively new, but with prices sinking on both Nvidia and ATI fronts, they've got to lining up for something. I just don't see any advantage to getting a x2 board that I can already get that with current gen Xfire when I'd rather wait and Cross a new series. (I know I could Xfire 2 x2's, but that's not really advantageous in most games). Just curious if anyone's heard any news? (maybe there's a thread I'm missing)
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  1. Mid summer next year from what I hear

    Nvidia should be releasing a 55nm gpu x-mas time (early 09 maybe) which is just a die shrink w/ minor improvements over the gt 200 core

    AMD should be releasing a new card (little dragon is its codename i believe) maybe mid summer 09... once again speculated to not be all that much, just speculated to be a 40 nm shrink of the 4800 series with minor improvements and higher clocks (think 1 ghz clock)

    Hopefully by x-mas next year we'll have a REAL new card...

    Also don't take anything I said as fact as you can never be certain about a companies plans... but the above is what I have gathered
  2. Just like thogrom said, the soonest you'll see TSMC having the 40nm process ready is late Q2 2009, so don't expect anything next-gen or revolutionary from either Nvidia or ATI until then.
  3. Thats about all i have heard also, tentative tap out dates give a target of june/july 09 for the ATI shrink.

  4. So when's the next "revolutionary update"?
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