Bootable Disc Found But It Wont Boot From Disc

I need to repair windows but i cant get it to boot from disc to run repair, ive set it in bios to boot from the cdrom but it just wont, any ideas
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  1. What MOBO/BIOS?
  2. gigabyte-m61p-s3 am2 pci-e, Award F3
  3. First - I can't locate that motherboard - so I DLd the manual for a GA-M61PM-S2 - nearest thing I could find...
    On the 'Advanced BIOS Features' page of your BIOS, 'First / Second / Third Boot Device' should be set to, respectively: 'CDROM', 'Hard Disk', & 'Floppy'; then, when you boot, you should get a prompt, similar to 'Press any key to boot from CDROM...'; if this doesn't happen, write down what is being shown on-screen just prior to booting, and post back...
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