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Aight,I'm somewhat decent with overclocking but i've never done it with ram nor bothered to ever check into it. The question is not how to overclock it but what are the basic limits with an i7 core. I'm putting a new system together and i'm noticing multiple motherboards with a standard speed usually ddr3 1600 tri and then others such as 1800(o.c)2000(o.c). I've been searching for a while and maybe im just a complete idiot or it's just such a simple question that no one bothers to answer it anywhere. Can 1600 memory be over clocked to those higher speeds or do I need those higher memory speeds and tweak my cpu to sync with those speeds( seen this couple of places). Secondly I assume for the best over clock I should get a lower latency? I've read multiple place that say theres only like a 1-3% difference w/lower and others say it makes a big difference. I've also seen where when you over clock your ram you have to up the latency a little to adjust for some timings and all that. Last but not least I've also seen in a few spots people claiming memory above 1600 is useless or has no real difference. The technical info on over clocking it I can research once I get time away from life lol. I just needed some quick pointers so I can save headache later when I find out I cant do squat with what I bought.

Please and thankyou

Ok, Ive been looking around the site for a while now and found this:
From what I gather on this is that the dif between the cas is really no biggy except for that one game but why is that and how many other apps and games would that end factor effect. I love my games and it would be a shame to miss out. My only thought now is that the latency would really come into play if you were to overclock it. Is my assumption correct?
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  1. I've had plenty of time since this post to research what I needed to know. If a MOD could marked as solved I would app. it.
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