SSD Boot Drive (Opinions needed)

Hey everyone,

I have been looking at SSD's since they came out and I think they have come down in price and up in performance enough for me to give it a go. I have an Asus G72 Gaming notebook. It has room for two hdd's and i'm using one 500gb 5400rpm one now. I want to get a 30gb boot drive for win7 but i have a few quick questions.

Is it worth it? Windows will load faster, but all programs, games, and apps will be on the slave drive. Will it affect them?

I do a lot of multi tasking, (college kid) and i could really use the speed

Will it void my warranty? I looked it up on Asus and any non certified person installing it is bad.

Are all notebook HDD's the same? I have built plenty of desktops but I'm not sure if Asus has their own way of doing stuff.

If I were to get one it would be
Because of price, rating, and quality.

And just any general opinions on the subject would aid me greatly!
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  1. I would opt for 40GB Intel X25-V instead; you won't regret it.

    You need to have a Serial ATA connector for your HDDs; modern laptops have just that, meaning you could drop in an SSD and it will work.

    Make sure you set the Serial ATA controller to AHCI in the system BIOS. This setting does not work with XP.
  2. I'm running win7 so I dont have to worry about that. What does AHCI do?

    Is there a way to find out if im using SATA through software?
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