Quad 12V rails ?

I've Just bought a GIGABYTE Odin GT PSU and it has 4-rail 12V+ , 2X18A & 2X25A a Total of 62A
, now i don't have much experience with PSU so which of these cables should i connect to my GTX260c216sc ?!
The card Needs a min of 36A so should i put 1 18A cable and 1 25A or what ?
i don't wanna damage my card and i don't want to give it less power ?

so what should i do ?
ps : replacing my PSU is not an answer :)
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  1. Ur card definitely doesnt need 36A.
    That statement is a general one for the whole system. GPUs use much less power than indicated
    Look at ur manual and it might tell u which connectors are on which rail (not that it really matters)
  2. i think the 36A is the Minimum System Power Requirement not just for the card:P
    and i have another question will a 800w PSU use more wattage than a 600 or 700 w PSU at the same system ?
  3. Yea the 36A is for the whole system generally

    Well, i mean the actually wattage used by the computer, no

    But u have to keep in mind the efficiency rating. The best efficiency comes around 50ish -70%. So say u have a 600Watt PSU powering a computer that eats 300watts, its running at a 50% load. But a 900watt is only at 30% where it is more inefficient therefore it will take more power from the wall vs. the 600Watt
  4. well , my PSU is 800W with 80+ efficiency , and also i have bought the 800W PSU for future Upgrades :)

    thx for ur help m8 :)
  5. Yea the Gigabyte Odin is a good PSU

    Good choice
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