External HD or regular HD (backing up files)

Screw me, my external hard drive crashed and now I am paying a company $200 to recover the data and transfer onto another HD. Should always keep 2 copies of everything, anyways.....should I use an external HD or a regular HD to back up files? What is more cost effective and safer?

I do have space on my computer to add another HD. But I am afraid if something happens to lets say motherboard, is the HD in danger?
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  1. External HD for backup is great, because you can detach it from the PC and store it separately. If you're really paranoid, keep it at your parents house or someone you trust nearby. Covers theft, fire, etc.

    The external can be slower (if it's USB), a little more expensive, but the portability and separation is worth it IMO.

    An optimal solution could be internal backup for ease/speed, schedule this daily or weekly. Use the external backup as a 2nd layer, do it every few weeks.

    Online is a 3rd option, if you have some small/midsized but important files.
  2. Nice thing about an external is that it will not have to run every time you start your PC like an internal would. Thus, you can connect it only when you need to recover/backup data and therefore it will have less wear and tear and last longer.
  3. Best of both worlds....standard internal HD's popped into a black box

  4. Thank you everyone. Reading the above responses and doing some research I decided that EXTERNAL is best for me.

    Does this look like a good deal?


    Western Digital WD Elements 1 TB USB 2.0 Desktop External Hard Drive WDBAAU0010HBK-NESN

    $90 with free shipping

    I currently have a WD external hard drive, I believe 300GB about. Had it for years and no problems. Easy to use. My maxtor 1tb broke :(
  5. same drive at newegg, has a full set of reviews - I always read the newegg reviews before I buy something (it's not the only info I used, but it's a nice extra)


    also consider a usb 3.0 external if you are buying now - a little pricier, but much better performance. Some come with a pci-e adapter, or you can buy one separately.
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