Overclocking an HD5970

Been tinkering with my card lately, I have it at a pretty good speed right now, amazing even, for (sapphire) Redline's allowed Over-volt.

I guess my question is this: Asus's over-volt utility allows for 1.35V going into the card. What exactly is the Max (SAFE) voltage you can put into one of these? Is heat the only issue when worrying about voltages, so that if i can dissipate heat I could, hypothetically put as many volts as I wanted?

I ask because I've read everywhere that chips are made to run at specific voltages. I do not wish to ruin this card by feeding it to many, but I do want to overclock it.

Thanks for your time.
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    1.35v is OK, but set fan to 100% to keep heat low.
  2. Happen to know what the max is? (just for reference, I think 1.35 will suit my cards needs)

    also, does redline (Or other overvolt tools reset when you restart... Mine does and makes thecard unstable at high clock speeds when I restart.
  3. 1.35v should be the max on tweaking tool.
  4. Having a bit of a problem with the Over volt tool that came with the card.(redline)

    It doesn't save the volt values when you reboot.

    You can see what this would do to an OCd card, rebooting and being OCd, but without the power to back it....

    Anyone else having this issue or know a fix?

    (dont like MSI AB because it doesnt have a memory over volt)
  5. After reading a bit, it seems that all of these tools will not save.

    Playing with Afterburner a bit shows that it will not OC my second gpu for some reason... it says its Ocd in CCC, but in Afterburners graphs it shows as stock.
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