which card?

Radeon HD 4870 or GeForce 9800GTX+ ??????????

open to other ideas with reason.

spending around the £130-150 mark
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  1. 4870 is the better card in my opinion
  2. 4870 all the way
  3. particular reasons guys?

    i hear the nvidia cards have the physics which is a plus in some games.
  4. +2 4870
  5. the 4870 had less memory, isnt that a bad thing or does it make up for it somewhere else?

    which one would OC higher? i hear ati dont oc well.
  6. a friend of mine just bought a new pc and added a 9800gtx. On my advice he took it back and got a 4870. He liked the 9800gtx better, so he took the 4870 back and got the 9800gtx again.

    what gives? From everything i have read, the 4870 should have been a step up from the 9800gtx.
  7. gtx+ i believe is the step up. the gtx isnt..

    they seem closely matched, but the gtx+ can be oc'ed more i hear
  8. Depends, look at your favorite games and compare it to benchies. 9800GTX+ black edition is a good buy.
  9. Overclocking a card is never gauranteed. I didnt read the whole review i posted but most of the games i looked at had the 4870 beating the GTX+ AMP which is the Factory Pre-Overclocked model, and for some reason you seem set on buying a standard GTX+ and overclocking it to beat a 4870 ?? :cry:

  10. Thats me crying by the way, not calling you names :)
  11. haha.

    well its a crossfire board. so im not set against. tru, i havnt had ati before. but if everyone things the ati 4870 is better then ill spend the tad more on it and still try OC it..
  12. I can't believe we have this thread. The 9800 GTX+ is on par with ATI 4850. The 4870 pawns the 9800 GTX+ in every benchmark I have seen. I can't believe you actually consider the nVidia card. I have the 4870 and I can play every game at 1680x1050 all setting to the max (except Crysis) very well. C'mon just end this thread and go buy yourself an 4870. I promise, you wont regret it. If you are an nVidia fanboy at least buy a 260 GTX+. That is a little better than the 4870 512 MB version.
  13. stephenstern said:

    That's a good card. Its the one I'm using now, works great, plays games very well (expect crysis but still not bad) @1650x1050.
  14. except crysis?? whats the problem there?
  15. stephenstern said:
    except crysis?? whats the problem there?

    Not really a problem looks good and plays good but not at Maxed settings(i.e. High vs Very High), But what card really plays crysis at max with without low fps?
  16. i play it currently on my 8800GT on very high, without issue? :-|
  17. stephenstern said:
    Radeon HD 4870 or GeForce 9800GTX+ ??????????

    open to other ideas with reason.

    spending around the £130-150 mark

    Get Radeon HD 4870.

    GeForce 9800 series uses the same architecture and the same G92 core as the old GeForce 8800 series so I would not consider them to be a new next generation GPU. Geforce 9800 should have been called as Geforce 8900 series. Basically, They are just simply overclocked Geforce 8800s with higher clock speeds but they were not meant to compete with Radeon HD 4800 series except for GeForce GTX 200 series which uses GT200 core and architecture.

    However, Geforce 9800 GTX+ has 55nm GPU core but it is still G92 core which had been die shrinked to 55nm size.
  18. guess it has to be the 4870 then.. :)
  19. I would suggest the 4870 card.
    I myself have the 4890, but i was looking at buying the 4870X2 before i bought this one.
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