Linux error then no more hard drive :( untetectable but spins!

ok so i have a samsung 200 gig hard drive and it has ALL my data on it as well as a second partition that runs Ubuntu i was trying to boot ubuntu when it has some error with the hard drive i cannot recall what it said but it was somethign like error in this area then gave some numbers and hit Y if you wanan fix so i kept hittign Y when it would come up prolly about 30 times and then it still wouldnt boot so i reset the machine... now when it FIRST starts up it would find the cpu and ram and would hang when it says "detecting ide devices" the HDD is sata tho.. and after about 30 seconds it would contiue with the boot and load windows which is on my main hard drive but the second hard drive is nowhere to be found.. i looke din bios and ran a hdd utility and they cannot see it, but it still spins and gets warm and makes no funny sounds. any ideas?
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  1. If the HDD is not detected by the BIOS you pretty much are out of luck. You can still send it to a professional data recovery company, though.

    You could try Spinrite, but it also would need to detect the drive at least. Did you try another cable?
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