Overclocking my 5770

Never really overclocked any graphics card, so i want to now what can i more or less set my Core and Memory to without any voltage added as i got the egg shaped 5770 and my temps on idle with 90% fan is at 45*c so i cant go all out.

I will be using MSI afterburner, and just out of interest what is the MAX safe temp for a 5770?

thanks :D.
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  1. here you go:
    asus p5q pro turbo/q6600 @ 3.4 ghz 24/7/asus silent knight II/
    8 gb ocz sli edition/wd green 1 tb/seagate barracuda 250 gb/
    antec 300/ gtx 280 @ 690 mhz/1572mhz/1300mhz,
    apevia iceberg 680 watts/lite on dvd r/lite on cd r.
  2. shagrathdex666 said:

    Ah, I was just looking for this. Thanks.
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