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Hello Guys,

Im going to a clients office tomorrow because they are using RAID 1 and one of the disks has become unallocated. I dont know much about RAID or their setup at all.

My questions are these:

1. If they are using a PCI RAID card, do you get a setup screen before windows boots up like you do if you are using onboard RAID controllers?

2. If you do get the screen, will it show me which disk is unallocated?

3. Im bringing a drive with me that meets the specs of her current drives (80GB, IDE, 7200RPM). If I find that one of her drives is bad, can I just put this drive in, zero write it, and have RAID rebuild the mirror?

I think that is all I need to know, if you can think of anything that I may need to know, please post and tell me! I need to get this fixed in one trip, its about 2 hours away and my company is fixing this for free. My boss would be pissed if I had to run back up there.

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    It probably depends on the card. I've worked with Dell servers & add-in RAID cards, where you press a certain key during POST and before the OS loads, to get into the BIOS of the raid card.

    If the drive mirrors the specs, you should be safe. Do you have the model number of the failed drive to verify it? Personally, I'd also grab a slightly larger IDE drive in this case, if you don't want to have to risk not having the right thing.

    The controller should be able to initialize/format the drive, and join it to the array. Don't think you have to zero write it.
  2. Its probably a Silicon Image/Promise/JMicron chip; those advertise themselves when booting. Control+F or some other key combination gets you into the RAID setup; and there you should be able to rebuild your RAID1.

    Please remember that a RAID1 cannot replace a backup. If you do not have a backup; your data is at risk. Running without RAID1 but having a real backup is safer for your data than only using a RAID1 array.

    As long as your backup is fine, re-initialise/rebuild the array and all should work fine.
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  4. Thanks!

    Did you get the array built OK?
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