Noctua NH-C12P and Antec Mini P180


I'm selecting my parts for a new build and I was wondering if a Noctua NH-C12P would fit in my Antec Mini P180 case.

Anyone have a similar setup?

The board I selected is a Gibabyte GA-P55M-UD4 and I took ram with small heat spreader so that there is room for it under the heatsink.

However, I'm concerned by the big fan on top of the case, is there enough clearance? I could find any specs on it!


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  1. well the noctua is 144mm tall and the dementions of your case are 8.3inches wide im assuming out side (210mm) motherboard and cpu hieghts is usually around 50 to 60 mm depending on standoff screw size. so if you are going to try to fit a fan in side of case i dont think you are going to fit. tbh even with out the fan you are going to be really tight in there at 150mm to 160mm of room for the heatsink to fit in the case as is. so after heatsink is in case you have between 5 to 15 mm to spare for a fan. you might want to look into a shorter cpu heatsink to get the job done. this website might help you find a decent shorter heatsink to get the job done
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