AMD 955 @ 3.7GHz w/ Corsair H50 getting hot?

Well my first push was jumping right to 18.5x200 and my temp is 45c on normal usage. and sometimes gets to 50c. I'm not sure whats going on but my temps seem to be extremely high. the H50 heatsink isn't really that hot either and my room temp is probably about 65F.

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  1. Airflow in case?
  2. case was wide open. air was being blown into the heatsink too.
  3. Maybe either too much or too little thermal paste. What method did you use, bb in the middle or line down the middle?

    Did you double check the fit, tight seating of the heatsink?

    Maybe you got a CPU that normally runs on the hot side. If so, you'll be able to tell by your stock setting idle temps.
  4. have you turned to run it at 100 load with a program like prime 95 to see how high it gets. if your getting really high temps after that then it might be a problem with placement of the h50. but i would do that first and see
  5. my idle at 3.2ghz was 35c and i ran the prime torture test and got 55c @ 3.8 but it crashed when it was at 4.0ghz.

    i'm playing l4d2 @ 3.8ghz temps ranging from 52-59c and @ 4.0ghz it crashed 10-15 minutes into the game.
  6. temps are still in aceptable ranges for amd but high imo for the h50 you are oc'ed but you should still be able to post lower temps with that h50. have you made sure that the heatsink is seated good like HundredIslandsBoy mentioned? cause if it is the only other thing i can think of is the h50 is not working properly
  7. Also, the H50 has a polished base, so you should use a thin thermal paste to do the best job (ie Shin Etsu, AS5, AS Ceramique), and just a small amount should do just fine.
  8. thanks guys, I think I will reseat it and reapply the thermal paste. any good suggestions and a percise amount I should apply?
  9. what you can do so that you know you have enough with out over doing it is trial and error add a small dot or line and set the h50 in and then remove it and see what kind of coverage you are getting and do this until you are getting a full coverage with out it spilling out over the sides

    That's a link to the Arctic Silver website. Just select that you have an AMD cpu and then click on the instructions for the quad core CPU at the bottom. It will show you how to apply any thin thermal paste.
  11. cool, should I use it buy it from artic silver?
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    Not directly, but AS5 is still an awesome choice. There is also Shin-Etsu to consider, which beats AS5 and Ceramique both in that it has no curing time.
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  14. thank you all very much. :)
  15. For anybody else who is having trouble with the H50, I have the cooler with a Phenom II 965 @ 3.8GHz. Originally, I was having heat issues too. I tried a different fan, different paste, etc. The one thing you can do to these coolers that will make a difference is to LAP THE BASE :D. Originally, my CPU would push 62C+ under P95... after the lapping the cooler, I'm getting low 50s... instant 10C drop. The AS5 hasn't had a chance to fully break in, so the temps should come down even more. The contact base on the H50 is rough, and does not make good contact with the CPU. I used 400->600 grit sandpaper when lapping, and this is how I ended up with better results. If you take the time to lap this cooler, it will give you better results.
  16. If you are looking at information on the H50 and are scared off by the mention of lapping don't be. let me tell you my experience.

    I was running my Phenom II X4 940 at 3.2Ghz which is a pitiful overclock, but my Ninja Sythe Plus B which is a huge air cooler did little to keep the temps down. I suspect that was due to it not having a backplate to keep it firmly against the CPU. I tried Arctic Silver thermal interface material (TIM), spread style and pea style, neither helped much, maybe 2 degrees difference tops. So it was running at 40-45C idle and as much as 60C when stressed. Ridiculous for such a small overclock with stock voltage settings.

    So I purchased a new H50. I installed it with the thermal paste that came on it. Setup as an intake, single fan as recommended. I went straight to a 3.6Ghz multiplier overclock and upped the voltage to 1.4v. Even with that I still saw a 10 degree temperature drop. With 1hr of OCCT stress testing I only saw a 50C max and now when I idle it's below 30C. I'd call that a success. I could push the clock to 3.7 or 3.8 but I'd have to add voltage and I don't want to use that much power so I'm happy where I am.

    If you buy it second hand though you may want to give lapping a try and use a decent thermal paste like suggested here. But don't hesitate to buy this cooler. It's better than average and despite what you may here you'd have to buy a simlarly priced top of the line Air cooler to match it. In fact I only paid $20 more for this than I did for that terrible Sythe.
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