GA-EP45-UD3P SATA issue

Ok, so I finally got past the issue with the PCI.sys BSOD issue, but I still have a problem with my new Gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P not recognizing my SATA HD. It doesn't even act like it spins or anything. I've seen some other threads kind of hit all around this, but I can't seem to figure out what the ultimate solution was for this issue.

Please help!
System Specs: E8500 @stock, Zalman 9700, 4 GB OCZ Reaper 4-4-4-15 800Mhz DDR2, Radeon 4870 1GB.

My HD is a Seagate 7200.10 barracuda. I used it previously in an AMD AM2 5600x2 system and I had no problems with it at all, now it won't even recognize.

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  1. What do you mean by it not being recognized? When you go into the BIOS, for example in the boot order section, does the drive not show up in the list?
  2. Yep. Tried another drive in it last night and its the same situation. I've read a few places of people having this same problem and then they dont tell you anything meaningful as to what they did to fix it, just that they "tweaked some settings" and something about ACHI mode settings. I've gone in and set everything up for the ACHI mode, and RAID mode (even though I only have one drive), RAID/IDE mode, IDE mode, EVERY F'IN MODE!!!!

    Please God, someone help me out.

    GRRRRR..... I've been fighting this dang thing for a week and I'm getting ready to chuck it out the f'in window.
  3. I know it sounds silly, but did you try different sata ports? Checked sata cables, power cables etc? You are pluggin it into yellow ports, right? If the drive isnt visible in bios and isnt spinnin than I guess its down to physical connetions, not settings. "Tweaking settings" is usually loads of BS from folks who realized that their drive or whatever wasnt working cuz the power cord wasnt fully plugged, and they try to save themselves some embarrasment. Clear CMOS, check cables,start from scratch.
  4. Cleared CMOS, all cables check ok when I plug in my old AM2 MB and connect the drive and the new PS that I have. The drive is good... something else is not right.

    Everything works with the new build except the f'in drive. Sorry for all the f'in's... I'm past my acceptable level of frustration with this build. I'm serious... I'm getting ready to use the MB for a clay pigeon with my 12gauge. The stress reduction would be worth the $100.
  5. And yes, I'll post pictures! :lol:
  6. I cant wait :D But maybe it is a good idea to RMA this thing
  7. I had exactly the same problem when using my first Gigabyte board. Unless you have downloaded and installed the ACHI drivers from Intel, which usually has to be done on operating system install, you will not be able to see that hard drive if you have selected enabled in the SATA RAID/ACHI Mode block on the Integrated peripherals portion of the bios screen. Disabled must be selected on the block or your hard drive will be invisible to bios. It can't see it because it does not have the proper ACHI drivers. Change that to disabled and give it a try again. I know this is confusing. I went through the same problem. Although you have a SATA drive, you basically want to set it up like it was an IDE drive. I'll keep an eye on this thread. Let me know if you have further questions.
  8. I've got 3 Gigabyte mobos, 2 C2D/ 1 Core i7, all exhibit similar things to what you are saying.

    Turn off ACHI, turn off Raid, put everything in IDE mode (or similar) - ignore bios drive detection bios (usually 1st page), check out the bios boot order page - see if your drive is detected - if so, try an install...

    However, if like me you want to use the ACHI (not sure if it gives better perf, but it does allow me to turn off ESata drives before removing them), then you need to turn ACHI ON BEFORE installing windows & you also need to install Intels Storage Matrix drivers within windows... (PS You can add/remove ACHI support on prev installed windows XP, but it's a royal pain to do.)

    Now here's another tip- after I've installed a new OS - I boot with a PE disk (usually BartPE) & use ghost to backup my OS partition to another partition/drive so I don't have to go through the whole re-install thing... BUT - if I'm booting a PE disk I need to DISABLE ACHI in bios or else the PE environment WON'T SEE ANY SATA DRIVEs - which is what you seem to be experiencing.

    I'm not sure if it's the same thing as you're describing, but I hope this helps...
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