Can I convert my 44 pin 2 5in hard disk to a sata motherboard?


I have a 44 pin 2.5inch IDE HDD that I would like to plug in to a SATA motherboard slot, could someone please help me. I have a convertor that allows a SATA HDD to plug into an IDE port on the motherboard but this is no use to me. Any help is much appreciated.
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  1. You need a specific converter from SATA -> 44-pin PATA ("notebook PATA").

    Something like this:

  2. Hi there, thanks for the reply. I have one of the convertors that you illustrate but that lookslike my sata to ide convertor. I need one to go the other way but I can't find any? Does such a thing exist?

    Thanks again for your help
  3. "the other way" ?

    You may have a 40-pin PATA to Serial ATA connector, but that doesn't involve the 4 extra pins for power input. The one in my illustration has 44-pins. That should fit on your 44-pin PATA notebook HDD, and allow you to connect it to a Serial ATA motherboard.
  4. Sorry I think I'm misleading you. I have an adaptor that I can plug a SATA drive into to use on my motherboard. I am looking for an adaptor that I can use to plug my 44pin HDD into my motherboard on another machine.

    I tried to buy an adaptor to do this but I seem to have bought a 40 pin female adapter as opposed to a 44 pin female block? Is there an easy way round this?

    Thanks again
  5. Yes the 40-pin PATA is for normal 3,5" desktop-class harddrives that use Parallel ATA (PATA).

    The 44-pin PATA is for notebook (2,5") small harddrives, and have 4 extra pins and the pins are closer to eachother. So this is not compatible with 40-pin PATA.

    You can buy a real SATA->44-pin PATA adapter. But another trick would be to buy a PATA cable that has 40 pins on one side, and 44-pins on the other side. You use this cable on your current SATA->40-pin PATA adaptor and it should work. Picture of such a cable:

    PATA 44-pin (left) to PATA 40-pin (right) cable.
  6. Hi Sub Mesa

    Thanks for your assistance. If I buy a 40 Male : 40 Male connector I could plug my SATA :40 pin adapter to my 44 Pin PATA drive using the cable illustrated above right?
  7. The cable illustrated is a 44-pin Female -> 40-pin Female connector.

    You connect the 44-pins to the notebook HDD, the 40-pins go into your adapter you already have, as it has 40 pins. Then you can connect via Serial ATA to your motherboard.

    So it's not a 40-pin -> 40-pin cable but 44-pin -> 40-pin PATA cable.
  8. Thanks Mesa, I'm going to buy the ribbon and a 40:40 male connector. I think that might solve the problem.
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