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Last response: in Graphics & Displays
December 3, 2008 10:30:40 PM

After my geforce 6800gs died, I purchased this card. (Not many AGP choices left).

The problem:
Playing Dungeons and Dragons Online in directx9, game freezes up. Strangely, if I move the mouse, it will unfreeze (as long as the mouse is moving). If I go from full screen mode to window mode, it begins to work again. But sometimes it will freeze all together (mouse and all) and the VPU Recovery will reset. Then everything is fine again, for a while. I have major freezes when grouped on a quest. When if freezes, the CPU goes to 100%. Once I DC from the game, system ops checks good.
All other apps work fine, it's just in the game.

Things I have tried:
After multiple driver installs, I found the most stable was from the HIS website. (XP_8.501-080602a-064990E-ATI). I tried the Omegadrivers and it gave me the blue screen of death (twice)
Changing AA to x4 in the CCC, and disabling it in the game.
Lowering in game settings to low
Temperatures look fine: GPU peeked at 54c after about an hour of game play and was at 45c when it froze up. CPU stable at 45c.
Ram usage is around 750mb, 50% usage.

I cannot alter anything in the BIOS because this is an emachines with an FIC mobo and it's locked up tight. There are no more driver updates either. :cry: 

There is no reason why this card can't handle the game on high setting. It is faster that the 6800gs and has twice the memory. I know there are numerous post on the web about the ATI cards freezing up in 3d games (especially WOW) and was hoping someone here has gone though this and would have a clue.

Any help would be appreciated..

Windows XP
FIC mobo (au31)
AMD 3000+ 2.16 mhz
1.5g PC2700
Sparklepower 400w
HP w2206 monitor
December 4, 2008 7:20:41 PM

I was thinking of upgrading to the same card as you and my system has similar specs...

althlon xp 3000
2 gigs of ram
ati 9800pro

and I only play WOW. Hopefully you get it figured out. Do you have the .net framework installed up to 2.0?
December 4, 2008 8:02:05 PM

Consider yourself lucky. My finicky little 2600XT wouldn't even install until I reinstalled Windows. Only then did it work. Now it's flawless, plays everything real nicely. The only driver I installed was HIS's updated driver.
December 5, 2008 1:29:32 AM

Thank you for the responses.

I think I may have figured it out. After playing with it another night (driver sweep, reinstall, making adjustments, etc.) I gave up and pulled the card. I then noticed on the box it said minimum power 450w. The web site i bought it off of said 350w. It wasn't the only website to post that so I just assumed. My PSU is 400w so everytime it got busy on the screen, it would freeze up. Drivers are still a pain, I suggest going to HIS website and download the latest for that card (8.5 I believe). The one on the disk will not play 3d games without a Hotfix download and it is included in that driver.

I now have a geforce 6800gs on its way. Hopefully it will work long enough for me to build a new system next year. I will update when installed.

Can't get enough of that DDO!