Two 22" Flatscreens into one?

Any way you can take the shells off two of the side monitors and go screen to screen so the middle of my screen inst a big dead zone in games that use both monitors? and I have a 2.33 core 2 duo dg31pr mobo and a 8600gts graphics card. Im going to ask for a new graphics card for xmas from my parents whats a good card for value and not going to break the bank?
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  1. I don't think so.
  2. Oh, also, for the GPU, "breaking the banik" is different for every family.

    Probably an ATI RADEON HD 4850 is good. Also, get a good heatsink for your processor and overclock that baby.
  3. well for xmas i want to get the logitech Z-5500 sound system and it supports optical audio so i want to get a sound card that also outputs optical. Im 15 but im not dumb i built my pc at age 14 so im not saying im supersmart but i know most of the lingo allthough i was never taught how to overclock it is something i would like to do to my pc. im running xp pro SP3 with 2 DDR 2333 MHX 1GB X 2. and if im correct the DDR 2 number doubles itself so that means my ram speed is 667 correct? Im not so sure that is so good for overclocking. So should i also look into getting ddr2 1066mhz 2 gb for xmas to make the overclocking work better? Neweggs got a good pair of DDR2 1066MHZ kingston ram for like 30 bucks i think. I would rather upgrade to 4gb of ram but i was told its pointless with xp pro unless its the 64 bit ver but thats ok and i dont want to upgrade to vista. But about the overclocking according to speed fan core 0 and core 1 are running at 28 C and this thing has been on sence um oh prolly at least 36 hours long. Ive also got some money saved up and im thinking about getting a water cooling system so overclocking is something i can do. Mobo has a stock heatsink 2 so anyways if you could help me out with any of the following

    How to overclock it and what not im new to that.
    If i should upgrade the ram to 1066 if im goig to overclock or about the 4gb
    sound card and yeah thanks man lol
  4. in response to your original post, it's very possible. it'll take a lot of handy work and a very steady hand, but it can be done.

    You have to be prepared, however, to ruin both of those monitors.

    There's no manual for doing it - disassemble them and have at designing a new stand, or a way to join the two chassis you have.
  5. This is definately one of those, if you have to ask if there is a way to do it your not prepared to do it kind've situation.
  6. assasin32 said:
    This is definately one of those, if you have to ask if there is a way to do it your not prepared to do it kind've situation.

    If we use that kind of mentality, men would have never walked on the moon.
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