ATI RADEON HD 5800 series (when does it release)

When will the 5800 series hit?
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  1. June 7, 2009 at 6:01 a.m. EST
  2. When does the first DX11 game come out?
  3. The first game to fully use shader model 5 is probably atleast 3 years away seeing dx10.1 isn't even recommended yet.
  4. Quote:
    come on people dont wait for a 5870x2 or new nvidia cards, thats just a waste of time. whats the point to have a dx11 when there is just a few dx10 games not to mention dx10.1. when you want to purchase dx11 card there will dx12 and you will wait for a dx12 card. Whats the point if you dont have enough games.

    It is Microsoft who wanted to do a "Revolution" in order to improve the world's PC graphics. DirectX 10.1 will become obsolete pretty soon when DirectX 11 comes out by Q1/Q2 2009. Check the future roadmap... :D

    Let's get ready for this new Revolution! :bounce:
  5. Heres the thing. Get used to multi threading. Its coming our way. DX11 is full of its capabilties. Cpus and gpus have to go wider, as they simply cant go alot faster. Win7 is going to start bringing this, and by this time next year, itll be the prime thing. Understand this. This isnt just a "man, that looks alot better than the older version" scenario, this is percieved as a great need in the future of almost every DT app or game to come, and itll be kicking off sooner than most people think, including games, as Id just point to Valve, and their thoughts on it.

    So, in my estimation, you cant compare any DX to DX11 as to its importance regarding expediency, and these games will come faster than in the past
  6. Now, I don't even care about DirectX 10.1 which only has minor update for DirectX 10. DirectX 11 Games will come in at least Q3 2009 and many game developers will jump directly to DX 11 and use new features like tessellation, etc (according to the future roadmap of ATI, NVIDIA). Unlike DX 9, DX 10 would not last very long. DirectX 10, DX 10.1 will become obsolete pretty soon when the DirectX 11 comes out in Q1/Q2 2009.

    Anyway, I still don't wanna miss the DirectX 11 party by 2009 and this is why it is convenient for me to wait and future proof myself. :D
  7. ATI also said that Physics is dead until DX 11 comes out in 2009...
  8. Just look at the way DX11 is going to handle shaders, this tells it all right threre
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