Can you help me OC this p5kpl-am EPU e4400 more than I can?


As stated I am using:
e4400 Dual Core - cpu
800 Mhz Platinum Revision 2 - OCZ memory
480w PSU

The challenging part is that this MB has EPU technology (does not allow me it seems to increase the cpu vcore), but I still managed to get it to 2750 Mhz stable from 2000 mhz cpu.

The EPU changed my cpu voltage to 1.288 and my temperature is still at like 30c. (I know this is still quite low). I got my FSB OC'ed to 1100 on a 10x multiplier. So yea this was the best I could with my knowledge.

Could you OC my rig better? Oh and also my FSB:DRAM ratio is bad 3:5, but like I said this is best I could do with what I know.
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  1. FSB:RAM ratio of 3:5 means you are overclocking your memory. Try taking your memory setting off AUTO and set the memory clock to twice the FSB. Or set the memory frequency to FSB - whatever you need to do to get a 1:1 ratio. I am not familiar with the Asus BIOS. That may let you push the FSB higher.
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