AMD Athlon 2 x4 630 Overclocking Unstable HELP?!

I am attempting to overclock my AMD Athlon 2 x4 630, at 250mhz FSB with a multiplyer of 14x i can get 3.49ghz without changing voltages, although this seems to be unstable, before you think wow you idiot increase the voltages, even if i lower the FSB to 240, 230 or 220 i get the exact same result which is sometimes it boots, sometimes i get a POST error report. This AMD processor as with many others i'm sure has AMD cool 'n' quiet, i read a post that disabling this would help as it works against overclocking, but i'm affraid that it will let the processor loose and overheat or burn out, has anyone had this problem and succeeded by disabling this, or can someone please just give me exact values to change that will get me to 3.5ghz with ease? i have changed voltages once to no change.
Please Help, Thanks.
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  1. Forgotten info:
    MB: Gigabyte S-Series M52L-S3P
    everything other than FSB and Multiplyer is unchanged from defualt.
  2. well i would take cool and quiet off it does help with overclocking and slowly increase the voltage til you get a stable setup. and if you want to get higher then the 3.49 you can either increase the multiplier to 14.5 or increase the fsb to 255 both of these will get you 3.5+ (multiplier increase will get you 3.625) and (fsb will get you 3.570) so try those both out and increase the voltage until its stable using a program like prime 95 to make sure its stable for a reasonable length of time.
  3. First I'll say this, the cpu multiplier cannot be increased on the Athlon II X4 630 because it isn't a black edition cpu. Now I'll explain how I reached 3.5Ghz prime stable 8 hours, I haven't bothered to push the cpu any further just for the record.

    CPU multiplier 14X(default)
    Cpu Voltage +.05 making it 1.45V in total(stock is 1.4V)
    Bus Speed 250(200 is default)
    Memory multiplier 4X(I have DDR2 1066 ram with the multiplier dropped to make it run at DDR2 800 speeds, than once the new Bus speed is factored in it's overclocked to DDR2 1000 speeds)
    Hypter Transport link multiplier 4X(default if 5)
    Northbridge multiplier 4x(default is 5)

    Basically what it ammounts to is that when the bus speed is increased, the memory, hyper transport, and northbridge also get overclocked with the cpu.
  4. Ya sorry for the miss information I thought because you mentioned the multipliernthat was a be did not even look at which model it was and. The previous poster has a great way to geet it stable if it does not want to runstable at those specs raise the vcore up one more notch and that should fix your stability problem sorry again for throwing you on a loop
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