Bad Hard Disk or Maybe something else Specs at bottom

as of late i seem to be exp random issues with my PC such as Slow start-ups and program loads. I have also noticed that it seems to have random errors such as Errors opening programs, errors installing programs (after fresh install multiple times) and issues with IE and FireFox opening a web page loading it half way then stopping. I have also had several games start up then just poof nothing no error no process nothing just vanished.

So far to try and remedy this issue I have tried multiple formats (it helps the computer run faster for around 1-2hrs),

Scan Disk (0 bad sectors found and all drives pass smart) and

a low level format using Killdisk (which also gave me a bit of a problem I have a 4 disk raid 0 array and 2nd disk in my array seems to have taken 2hrs longer then any other disk all disk are the same size and same manufacture with similar serial numbers so i would expect them to all scan at the same speed)

I will also add another suspect is my Power Supply I have a feeling even thought its a quality power supply it doesn't have the Juice to run my system. Power Supply is 550watt Thermaltake

system specs are

Gigabyte motherboard
4x's SATA 2 HD Raid 0
1x's ATI HD4870 Video Card
1x's AMD AM3 CPU OC'ed to 3.5ghz stable (clocked it down to its original settings also during testing but still a no go)
4x's Case Fans
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    If your power supply is marginal, well that's a big problem, even if it's not the cause of this. Try running with your case open & unplug the case fans, see if that helps. I'd search for & run some memory tests as well.
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  3. Thanks. Did you find the cause yet?
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