Available diagnostics for SSD?

I have a 60GB Agility OCZ SSD as my main drive. I have had windows 7 home premium on it for about a month and a half now. Love it, super fast, and storage issues are mitigated by installing other platter drives. Unfortunately, today Windows booted in to startup repair and was unable to fix the problem. So my question:

Is there a diag tool to find if the drive is going bad?

I just want to be prepared if it is getting ready to go out, and I would rather not reinstall Windows right now to find out (thankfully everything is already backed up with the exception of an image of the SSD).

Thanks for your help, I have not been able to find anything yet.


Q6600 (std clock)
Asus P5N-E SLI
6GB PC 5300 memory (2 x dual channel) (std clock)
2 x GTS 250 SLI (std Clock)
60 GB Agility OCZ SSD (Boot drive)
640 GB WD Caviar Blue
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  1. Take a look at this link and see if any of the programs mentioned in the lower half of the post will do the job for you:


    On a side note, did you try and do a system restore? I've had that happen with W7 in the past and if the start up repair didn't work, the system restore usually does the trick.
  2. Hmm...the only diag program on there is process monitor which does not tell me much.

    I ran ATTO and reading topped out at about 150MBs while writing topped out about 65 MBs. These seem about 100MBs off the review I read. Additionally, the system has seemed to run slower lately and has gone in to restore a couple times. Finally, (and I know this is not a great benchmark) my Windows Experience Index score for the SSD has gone from a 7.0 to a 6.0. Is there anything I can specifically do to figure out what is going on? Like I said, it was running great before, but now it is barely faster than my old caviar blue was running.

    I did not spend $130 on a 60 GB SSD to get similar performance to my 660 GB HDD

    OCZ Vertex 60 GB

    Caviar Blue 660 GB

  3. You know what would be brilliant is if SSDs had a digital "Black Box" of sorts, say 64 MB or so, where the disk could record a log of instructions that it was performing, etc. That way when drives fail, data recovery teams and engineers could have a better idea of what when wrong when the drive failed. I imagine that would be immensely helpful for making better firmware updates, controllers, etc.

    As for Diagnostics tools... unfortunately all that I've seen so far have been proprietary with the exception of this one: SSDlife. Please let us know if you find any others that are generic and good though. Cheers. :)
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