P5Q Pro Advanced MOBO settings Advice appriciated.

Here are the typical settings iv'e already learned and understand just so you get on the same page as to where I have questions so we can get right into the problem zone.

SYSTEM: P5Q Pro, with E8400 E0, G.skill DDR2 1000.

SETTINGS: That I understand so far.

Core Speed - 3599.9-3600.0Mhz
Multiplier - X9
FSB - 400
DRAM - 801 (DDR2 1000 G.skills)
DRAM Frequency - 400.0 Mhz, FSB 1:1 with 5-5-5-15-52-2T. (2.0)volts
CPU Core Voltage - 1.216v-1.224v Idle It seems to move slightly on it's own free will, 1.232v When Primes running and doesnt get any higher. Is this normal?

DRAM static read timing - Disabled
Dram Read training - Disabled

******Ok, now here's where I could use some help.**********

Commands on Auto by Default and are the ones I'm seeking advice for if I should Change them any.

NB voltage - Auto
SB voltage - Auto
CPU PLL Voltage - Auto
PCIE Sata Voltage - Auto
FSB strap to northbridge - Auto
CPU Clock Skew - Auto
NB clock Skew - Auto
CPU margin Enhancement - Optimized - (Is there any reason to change it to Performance mode?)
A.I. Transaction Booster - Auto
Mem. O.C. Charger - Auto
Intel Virtualization tech - is Enabled
A.I. Clock twister - Auto (But has settings of Lighter, light, moderate, strong, stronger)

After one hour Prime small FFTS - Max 54c. Core Temperatures. Passed Test, no errors. BSODS, nothing at all seems to be wrong. I'll do a longer test later tonight.
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  1. I use Gigabyte motherboards and I leave all the G'byte equivalents of your "Commands on Auto by Default" list on Auto. I have googled them and tinkered with them and they just do not seem to make much difference.

    If your memory will let you, it looks like you can push a little higher. Intel's recommended max core temp is 74 C and recommended max core voltage is 1.3625 volts. I set the thermal alarm in PC Health (G'byte) to 70 C.
  2. Is it normal for myCore volts to drop even with Vdroop enabled?
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