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ASUS P5B deluxe and e8200

Last response: in Motherboards
March 8, 2009 3:18:36 PM

Hi, new to the forums, and i have a question for you erudite forumites.

I recently decided to upgrade my existing core2 duo e6400 for a quad core. Since I couldn't find a q6600 ANYWHERE, I plumped for the e8200 due to the similar price. I was told by the shop that it would work on a 775 board as long as it supported a 1333 fsb, and that the P5B will do so with a BIOS update.

BIOS is now updated to 1004, and my old e6400 is happily running on the 1333 bus. But when I try to install the e8200, the machine will not boot. It powers up ok, fans spin etc, but no beep, no BIOS startup.

Been searching around for a possible solution, but nothing seems to match my problem. Any help much appreciated!

ASUS P5B-Deluxe, BIOS v1004
Intel Core2 Duo 6400 (2.13 GHz, Currently at 2.67 GHz)
2Gig DDR2
8800gtx, core clocked to 620

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March 9, 2009 8:53:48 AM

Thanks. I was misinformed that 1004 was the latest bios, will post again if/when i get the processor working!
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March 9, 2009 11:21:35 AM


Now working fine. Used ASUSupdate to install BIOS (yes, I know the caveats) and now running benchmarks and playing with overclocking. Thank you Ghislaing for making up for my awful internet search skills :D 
July 2, 2009 1:23:48 AM

GhislainG said:
According to the CPU support list for that motherboard, beta BIOS version 1236 is required. Download the latest BIOS beta version 1238 and it should work:

I'm in this situation now myself and the Asus CPU Support link for the P5B Deluxe shows that in fact BIOS 1226 from Nov 30, 2007 supports Wolfdale CPU's with C0 stepping.

They show BIOS version 1236 (Aug 08, 2008) is required to support E0 steppings (E8400, E8500 & E8600) but that BIOS didn't support Quad Core CPU's together with 4GB of RAM. That bug was fixed in BIOS version 1238 (Feb 11, 2009).

Intel's Processor Spec Finder validates that E8200-E8500 CPU's all started at steppping C0 while E8400-E8500 CPU's have moved on to the improved E0 stepping and the E8600 only comes in E0 stepping.