External HD not showing up on My Computer

I was cleaning my room this morning &I accidentally dropped my HD, which was still running at that time. :\ It was still working fine about three hours ago, but when I tried playing a song I stored in the external earlier just now using my laptop, it all of a sudden froze my iTunes, so I turned it off. After that, the drive stopped showing up on My Computer. D: The USB port still shows up/the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon still displays on my toolbar, but the drive doesn't show up in my My Computer folder anymore. :[ I tried it on a different computer, but the same thing happens.

Is there anything I can do to make it work again? I checked out a few sites earlier &they all say that I have to format my HD(?) I have a lot of really important stuff stored in there (i pretty much use it as a back-up storage), so I really don't wish to lose any files/data I stored. Is there an alternative? What can I do? :,[

Any help at all would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!
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  1. Does it still sound like it spins up when you plug it in/turn it on?

    If it does work and something was only corrupted, you can try the free version of

  2. Thank you for the response! I really appreciate it!

    I downloaded the software &I checked out the "Drive Status" on the "Advanced Options" tab. Two drives show up. I'm guessing the first one is my internal HD, as it shows 149.06GB as the size. the second one, which I'm assuming is my external, shows 0.00KB though. :( Furthermore, I tried to scanning the disk by clicking "Search Lost Volume" (under the "Data Recovery" tab), but after I select the second HD, it scans for about two seconds, and a blank page shows up--there's nothing in the list for me to "Continue"--Does this mean the external is not usable anymore &I lost all my data/files? D:

    Btw, I looked through my "Disk Management", and it says the external is not initialized. I can't assign a letter to the drive either. (Heres a screencap: http://i40.tinypic.com/15wi9ag.jpg)

    Any ideas? :\
    Thank you so much!
  3. No, do not reinitialize the disk. All info will be lost if you do that, assuming it even works. I worry the drive has been physically damaged. If the information on it is critical and cannot be retrieved from other sources, you may want to take it to professional data recoverers (though who those are or what they charge I have no idea).
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