Display problems: geforce 7900 gt

Ive been trying to get this card to work for a week and I am at my wits end. When I try to boot the computer up with the card in I get white lines on my ACER logo screen and green lines when windows is starting up. After that I lose display, I hear the system start up but no display. I cant start the computer from my old integrated vid card with the new one pluged in so I have no way to play around with the drivers.

heres my system:

amd 64x dual core 4400+
2.75 gigs of ram
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  1. Was the X2 4400+ stable at 2.2 GHz (2.3 GHz if a Brisbane core)? Are you using the stock AMD CPU cooler?
  2. Yeah, I mistyped it is 2.2 Ghz. and yes everything is stock.
  3. try to press F8 at startup and boot to VGA mode.
    If that works then try the drivers.
    I hate to say this but if changing the drivers doesnt help it could well
    be a bad card.
    Usually when you start getting lines it is due to bad memory on the card.
  4. I doubt its the drivers, because during bootup menu, there's no driver running there, but still there's those white lines. Drivers comes into play after the initial Windows bootscreen

    Any artifect during POST or before the OS runs is hardware issue.
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