AMD To Crank Up Phenom II Clock-Speeds Upto 3.50 GHz, Planning New Mod

AMD To Crank Up Phenom II Clock-Speeds Up to 3.50 GHz, Planning New Models

Beating its chest on the "massive headroom" (read: clock speed increment potential) its newest line of processors, the Phenom II have, it was about time the company utilized the said headroom to carve out new SKUs. With the AM2+ exclusive Phenom II X4 940 already showing impressive overclocking potential, while shipping with a clock speed of 3.00 GHz, the company is planning to increase stock clock speeds in increments of 100 MHz (0.5x multiplier) with a string of SKUs post Phenom II X4 950. This according to the insider sources a German website called AMD News caught up with.

All the upcoming processors will be built on the AM3 package, making them compatible with DDR3 and DDR2 memory standards. With the Phenom II X4 950 being clocked at 3.10 GHz, succeeding SKUs take 100 MHz steps, starting from a Phenom II X4 960 at 3.20 GHz to a Phenom II X4 990 at 3.50 GHz. Despite the high clock speeds, the chips will continue to maintain rated TDPs of 125W. At some point within the succession, AMD will crank up the HyperTransport interconnect speed from 1,800 MHz to 2,000 MHz. The launch-schedule for these processors will be spread throughout 2009.

The models in the new series consist of:

* Phenom II X4 950 (3.10 GHz, 15.5 x 200)
* Phenom II X4 960 (3.20 GHz, 16 x 200)
* Phenom II X4 970 (3.30 GHz, 16.5 x 200)
* Phenom II X4 980 (3.40 GHz, 17 x 200)
* Phenom II X4 990 (3.50 GHz, 17.5 x 200)

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  1. Wasn't this what was supposed to happen with Phenom itself but never did?
  2. thunderman??

    i take it you didn't read this on TH where they stated it was taken down and the progression to 3.5 would be very slow.

    quoted from TH article on this matter:
    "According to German website News-AMD, AMD plans to release the 45 nm Phenom II X4 chipsets, clocking up to 3.6 GHz, in Q2 of this year. However, the site quickly went offline due to "incorrect interpretation," with a newer version of the original article going up yesterday. Based on information stemming from recently "leaked" AMD roadmap slides highlighting the release of the Phenom II X4 950 (4 x 3.1 GHz) in Q2 2009, the site speculates that the 3.6GHz version will see a release before the end of the decade."
  3. Before the end of the decade? Thats hardly newsworthy. Not to mention these are all the same chip pre-overclocked, none of them will pass 3.9ghz-4.0ghz on AIR. Regardless, a 3.6ghz quad stock is impressive.
  4. Hey - at least he didn't post those lame-arse AMD YooToob videos again :).

    It may be that AMD is not around by the end of this year, let alone the end of the decade: Despite Intel`s Atom Processor Strength, Overall Chip Market Declines

    On the heels of this week’s news indicating that computer graphics chip shipments had been bludgeoned by the recession, a new Mercury Research report suggests that the overall x86 processor market, which includes notebook, desktop and server CPU shipments, has been similarly affected, declining 18 percent between the third and fourth quarter of 2008.

    The Jan. 30 Mercury Research report found that the overall x86 market was down 8.8 percent compared to the fourth quarter of 2007.

    “Leading indicators are that the first quarter will be much worse than the seasonal average decline of 7.4 percent, with our forecast currently at 15 [percent] for the first quarter based on market conditions in mid-January,” Dean McCarron, an analyst with Mercury, wrote in an e-mail. “Clearly the processor market has been impacted by the worldwide recession and financial crisis.”


    For 2008 as a whole, Intel claimed an 80.4 percent share of the x86 processor market up from 77.1 percent in 2007. AMD’s share declined from 22.1 percent to 18.5, and Via’s rose from 0.8 to 1.1 percent. The total x86 processor market expanded 13.3 percent over 2007.

    Desktop and notebook CPU shipments suffered an 18 percent drop in growth, even as server CPU shipments declined 25 percent. The report attributed the latter to businesses cutting back on infrastructure spending, and enterprises having finished their most recent server refresh cycle.

    Of course, server is where the most profits are, even though a small segment of the overall market.
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