1394 HELP PLZ!!!!!

hey i cant find any 1394 pin on my motherboard or in its manual

i am trying to hook it up to my motherboard....my motherboard has 4 USB pins...they all match up with this 1394 wire....is it k if i fit this wire in there....or is there suppose to be any specific place where 1394 goes...
thanx guys
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  1. i mean zoom into following picture..


    on right u will c 4 USB ports......thats exactly where my 1394 would fit and there is no other location for it on the motherboard......

    tell me what should i do plz...
  2. The connector in question is firewire. Are you sure that Jetway board has firewire? Most lower cost boards do not.
  3. i dont think it has one
    is there a way i can connect my case firewire with some kind of adapter to my motherboard
    does firewire affect my internet or anything else?????
    wat is firewire actually for???

    thanx proxi for helping all the way
    i connected everything else and just 10 mins ago turned my computer on...noiseless....bios shows " 40 C CPU TEMP" and "26 C SYS TEMP"
    is that good ????
  4. It's fine if it's a stock cooler, yes.

    Firewire is like USB only a bit faster. Some devices, mostly external hard drives, use firewire. If you have no firewire devices stop worrying about it.
  5. oh ok...thanx ....makes me feel relaxed.......that dvd rom drive u gave me link to earlier......i bought it.....now things like those dont require firewire right....and i also bought internal hard drive with SATA 3/0 GBs OEM ..or sumthing...that wouldn't need firewire either right??

    thank you.
  6. i forgot to mention...u said 40C is fine with a stock cooler but I am pretty sure its gonna go pretty high when i start playing games....don't u think???
    at wat temp should i start worrying about it???
  7. If you stopped posting separate threads I would be able to look up and see what you built :)

    I don't keep everyone's config in my head ya know ;)

    Download and use use Real Temp to monitor your CPU core temperatures. These are different and more accurate than the single CPU temp your BIOS displays. If your core temps reach 70C, it's usually time to worry... but that depends on which CPU you are using.
  8. thanx proxi
    i ll give u my specs when i have such question...
    thanx though
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