Dvd drive not ejecting

I just bought a studio 1747. After a few hours on, there was a problem with the sound. After using the diagnostic tools that was in the driver cd, it was restored. But the problem keeps coming back until I reformatted the hard drive and reinstalled everything. All is fine now, except the dvd drive won't eject using the keyboard keys. It only ejects when you right click the drive and click eject.

Any help would be much appreciated. Contacting Dell Support is a waste of time. They let you wait for ages on a prime phone line with no definite answers to your queries.


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  1. Were there any CD/DVD drive drivers or general computer drivers that you might not have installed? Check Dell's driver download section on their website as well.
  2. I believe I installed all the drivers. There were no problems on the device manager section and tried every update from windows to driver max to no avail.

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