Im about 7 nmiles from a mountain top with wifi!

Hello all, My question is simple i think. What do i need to receive and send wifi from my house to a mountain top thats about 7 miles away . Im on a desktop, I plan to build a parabolic bi quad for the outside of house that the only place i get a signal on a wifi finder is about 75ft from the house i get full signal with 4 leds all lit up there. i need a list of all things i really need to make this work all we can get here is dialup were going nuts. Any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance!! :cry:
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  1. you want to connect to your wireless router thats 7 miles away?

    I'm sure you cant do that - but I'm interested if anyone can prove me wrong.
  2. No, I want to connect to a tower that sends wireless internet and wifi hotspots signal thats 7 miles away, not my own router.
  3. Maybe you can contact your ISP for some points about your question. They must have experts there to give you hints about your queries.

    Good luck on your quest man.
  4. You could try something like this
    and hook it to a wireless bridge.
    Google DD-WRT for a cheap bridge.
  5. Check out AIR802 They sell high powered outdoor units and high gain antennas that may close the link to mountain top wifi point. You could buy a long cable and put an antenna on a mast on your roof or visit this site ://
  6. thanks for the info so far. my biggest worry is that i will spend alot of money to find out that its not a wifi hotspot but a wireless provider in which i know uses that mountain top but they want even come to my place and see if i can get setup with them . but im still gonna try. i will let you guys know how its going as i continue this qwest. but keep the ideas coming they are appreciated.
  7. If your able to get a signal with your WiFi finder 75 ft. from your house coming from the mountain, then take a laptop with wifi built in and try to connect to the access point from that location. If it works out, just hook up a outdoor wifi radio hooked to a bi-quad, flat panel, or other kind of directional antenna, and run a very longgggg USB cable back to your house (to avoid signal loss in the coax). You should be fine.

    laters ~ Bill
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