I need help T.T

What the hell?

Asus P5Q-E C2Q Motherboard
HDD Sata WD 1TB 7200RPM
HDD Sata2 WD 150G 10k 16M Veloci Raptor
DDR2 1Gx2 Kit PC2
Power Supply Antec 1000W
DVDRW Pioneer DVR-216DBK 20X *2 of these*
Windows Vista Ultimate OEM 32Bit
Radeon HD4850 512M
Intel Quad Core 9550
Antec P180

now one problem...

My friend tells me that the Computer won't recognize the 1TB HDD and now now I'm pissed. Also I installed the vista and now it won't work for me. What do i do to fix this? cuz I am getting getting really sad cuz i have no idea how to do this...

Also it doesn't see that i have 8 gigs of ram...it shows *3.29 Gigs* and i was like wtf....how do i fix this? and do u think canada computers can possibly fix this?
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  1. uh, firstly, you don't have 8 gigs of ram, according to your post; it says you only have 2:
    DDR2 1Gx2 Kit PC2

    1GB x 2 is 2GB
    if you do however have 8 gigs, note that you need the 64-bit Vista, not the 32-bit. 32-bit, as you have noticed, will only recognize about 3.25GB of space.

    Hard drives are not my area of expertise, unfortunately.
  2. First thing I would do is read the motherboard & hard drive manuals and then make sure the jumpers on the hard drive match the specs in the manuals. Also make sure the cables are plugged in correctly(including power!)

    Start with this basic trouble shooting first, if these issues don't resolve the issue then you might either have a doa drive or there could be at least a half dozen other problems :(

    BTW, wolfseeker is correct. You will need to get Vista 64 to utilize all 8 gigs of ram.
  3. How much of the hard drive does it recognize? It will be less than 1000 GB of space, that will be true for any HD.
  4. No it doesn't see any TB like it shows up but then i get an error... T.T but yeah.

    also i said that wrong DDR2 1Gx2 Kit PC2 = DDR 2Gx2 kit PC2

    damn so i need Vista 64 bit? so can i ask microsoft for them to upgrade me to Vista 64 bit???
  5. Your mother board may not be able to recognize the 1TB drive.
    Check to see if there is a BIOS update for it.
    A 32 bit OS can address 4 gig of memory, this includes all the memory in your system, such as the memory on your video card, hard drive cache memory, CPU cache memory, etc. These are assigned address space first, and what ever is left over after that from 4 gig is what RAM you have for use.
    You cannot "upgrade" from a 32 bit OS to a 64 bit OS.
    You must purchase the full version of Vista 64, and start over from scratch with a bare install.
  6. Damn it ! ... cuz i just installed Vista 32 bit on my HDD *raptor* can i take it off somehow? and lastly if i got a pirated version think it would work? with all updates and all *I'm sorry for asking that*
  7. Vista 64, will format and wipe the previous installation off of your drive when you do the install.

    We do not endorse or find it acceptable to use pirated software!

    But, unless you really need all of the memory, there is no reason to go 64 bit......it will work fine the way it is, just cannot use all of your memory.
  8. Cuz when i use photoshop and all the other proggies i *lag* and sit still for like 1 minute till i can move on the 4 gig *yes video editing/photo editing* XD but yeah darn! I'll find a good copy for cheap somewhere now hmm T.T but yeah let's see...do u recommend i get a DIFFERENT mobo?
  9. Microsoft will send you a 64 bit disk for the cost of shipping and the disk $10-$15. You do not need to purchase another copy as previously posted (unless there is some weird circumstances that i'm not aware of)
  10. ^ That is true. But they send you a copy of the 64 bit version matching the 32 bit version you purchased. If you bought a full version of Vista 32, then you are good. They will send you a full version of Vista 64.
    If you bought the upgrade version, they will send an upgrade disk of Vista 64.
  11. Install vista with only 2 GB of ram installed.
    Make sure the drive is seen in bios, if bios does not see the drive, make sure the drive controller that the drive is plugged into is enabled and set to function as an IDE drive.
  12. bc4 said:
    Microsoft will send you a 64 bit disk for the cost of shipping and the disk $10-$15. You do not need to purchase another copy as previously posted (unless there is some weird circumstances that i'm not aware of)

    I thought Microsoft would send you a copy of Vista 64 only if you bought the retail version of Vista 32. I'm not sure if they do that when you buy the OEM version.
  13. ^Just noticed that his is the OEM version as well, and I believe you are correct.
  14. LMAO lol so how do i contact them to get this i have Ult Vista 32 Bit so yeah i hope they can do it , and also i don't want to validate the vista... so yeah for a reason cuz if they don't upgrade i can't return the OS to the place i bought cuz it's "used" so yeah T.T at dilemma now T.T
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