Convert Dynamic disk to Basic disk without losing information

Alright, just seeing if this would work. I KNOW you can't just switch from Dynamic > Basic and everything will work out dandy.

Would it work to change the disk from Dynamic to Basic using TestDisk and not destroy the data? Then I could just use a file restoring program to get all the files back (I realize this would take some time on a 1TB drive).

This is a storage drive, not a system drive. So the files won't be over written.

Work? Not work? Could I destroy all the volumes, make one giant partition as a basic disk, and then restore data? Tell me what you think!

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  1. I am ultra conservative when it comes to disks and data - I would first make a copy of the disk, check the copy, and then experiment with the original disk.
    Disks are cheap; the data is priceless!
  2. Use Ycopy to back up the drive to another source, then delete the dynamic disk and set it up as a basic disk.
  3. While converting dynamic to basic whether i should use any external hdd..or by the utility i can do or what???
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