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hello this is the second time my hotmail and msn has been blocked it wont let me go into anything...this is my account so i don`t know what to do or where to go to get it unblocked i know there was a form to fill out the last time to say it was me but dont know where to get it...i would just like my account unblocked
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  1. I dont know where the message will be sent because I cant sign in to get emails so what happens there if there is a email sent ....why do they have to make things so hard for people when they block my account it comes up and that is not my email address it is there is someone that can help me fix it
  2. k u sent me a message to down load it opened a new hotmail account but i want to keep my old account because i have all my contacts in there and i dont know everyones email address so how do i get all my contacts on to the new account if i cant transfer my contacts over i dont want this
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