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:hello: My asus p7p55d has oc to make my ddr3 corsair dominator ram 1600mhz work at 1600mhz.Now it is at 1066mhz default.So,1)would it make a difference,2)is it safe and efficient to use them or should I configure the settings myself(I'm newb :ange: ) and 3)would it affect temps a lot?Thanks :) .
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  1. it wont make a difference, what's important is your timing, that makes your bus faster, when you speed the clock up, you're getting more information flowing in., you need to manually key in your timings for best performance, as long as you're within the specified voltages and timings, you should be good. because the dominator has the heatspreaders on it, it should stay relatively cool.
  2. You mean that I can manually set the timings at whatever speed the ram already is?And the optimal voltage would be the one specified by the manufacturer?And would changing this be able to cause any damage.Sorry for the noobish questions but I'm a little nervous with changing stuff in the bios.
  3. Set the DRAM voltage to what your RAM is rated to run at. Then change the timings to what your RAM is rated for (Should be something like 8-8-8-20, 7-7-7-24 etc.) Then manually change your ram speed. Heat should not be a problem. Should be able to find appropriate settings on the manufacturer's website.
  4. You can damage the RAM sticks if you go beyond your specs. You might end up with a lot of errors too. So be careful, what you care for is your RAM latency, use everest and check your ram latency and it should be less than 50ns, that's good for newer processors, and they go down to 27 for i7's
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