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My machine is creating a duplicate Desktop folder in the desktop folder. It is doing this repeatedly. This is using up MUCH disk space. What is doing this. Running Windows XP Pro,
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  1. Doing the repair install is not hard if you have an XP disk, this sets the OS back to a default, the directions are posted in this XP forum, sixth post from the top...
    this does not erase your personal files.

    Or even better is to wipe the drive and start over

    replacing XP with a fresh install is not that hard...and it makes everything run right again.
    the thing is to back up all your files and pictures to a thumb drive, DVD etc... first
    before you do anything to try to repair it, make sure you have backed up your files.

    Then you will need an XP install disk (may have come with the computer) or maybe a win 7 disk...
    then put the disk in and start the machine, follow the directions to delete the partitions, reformat the drive, install a freshy...
    you will then go to the manufacturers website, and download new drivers, install all the latest drivers...
    then install your saved files from above...
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