The new raptors

So my hard drives suck. Pretty old ***. Time to retire these damn things. (seriously 1 of the 3 is still on an IDE ribbon !)

Now I know how awesome SSD is. I wish I could afford it. I could probably buy 1, but I would seriously be lacking in storage space. I am putting this off until they come down in price a little bit and to when I can actually afford to shell out a couple hundred for just a HD for Windows and some hd intense games/programs.

I know WD just dropped down 600GB "sata 6.0" VelociRaptors ($270 at newegg). I hear these can be used on sata 3.0. Confirm or deny ?

I also have yet to see benchmarkings on these.

So as a guy with sata 3.0 I'd like to know how 1 of these would stack up against 2 1TB Samsung spinpoints in a raid 0 configuration. If the speed is well over 2x the Samsung Raid0, I may roll with a vraptor. If not, I am thinking the spinpoints are more up my alley.

Whatever the case maybe, I seriously gotta get a primary with more than 60MB/s read rate. (although my 500gb "data drive" dooes 80....)
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  1. The velociraptor will be noticeably faster at application launching and windows startup than the RAID spinpoints, but it will be slower at sequential transfers.
  2. There are plenty of benchmarks available so you can check the performance and see if you think they're worth the price.,2600.html

    You shouldn't be considering the Samsung F1 drives for a new build. The F3 series are the latest drives that use 500Gb platters. Your decision should be between the Samsung F3 and VelociRaptor drives IMO.
  3. I didn't even consider the f1. Only the F3. I should have clarified ? I just thought it went without saying ;)
  4. It's been a long day. :( I could have sworn I saw Spinpoint F1 somewhere in your post. My eyes are obviously playing tricks on me.
  5. Hahaha. I think we have all been there short. But reading the toms review (how did this sneak past me ? Guess same way F1 snuck itself on your eyes)....

    Anyways I am definitely leaning towards the F3.

    Only problem now is, turns out my mobo doesn't have raid. This has furthered my motivation for upgrading my Q6600 into a Deneb black edition X4 /w a USB 3.0 mobo.

    And here I was thinking of just upgrading my HD's and Video card. Oh well. Just when I was about to pay off my newegg card and start taking care of those things that are supposed to be higher priority (car repairs, dental work, college tuitions...)
  6. If you have a laptop, then the new Velociraptors are probably out of the question because they're thicker than a standard laptop form factor.

    If you don't have a laptop, then you're not limited to just one drive and I believe you're looking at this in the wrong way. To get the best performance for your hard-earned dollar, don't try to buy ONE drive that solves both performance AND capacity issues. There's no way to do that economically.

    Instead, buy a relatively small/extremely fast SSD to hold the OS and applications, and a large/not particularly fast HDD for bulk storage. Here are prices I just pulled from newegg:

    600GB Velociraptor $280


    40GB Intel X25-V SSD $125
    1TB WD Green $80

    The SSD / Green combo will save you money AND perform way better for booting and starting applications.
  7. I have considered doing the 1 small SSD + 1 large HD.

    My concern with that is games like WoW that take a lot of access from the HD and run almost 20GB in size. This is why I was looking at doing a F3 raid configuration. Unfortunately that will cost me some cash too.

    Inevitably, I think that solution is what I will have to do being money conscious right now. Although sub those power saver things with an F3. Going green is for hippies.
  8. Regarding SSD's. It looks like Kingston has some larger capacity for the dollar.

    Doesn't seem like a bad deal to me. Can anyone find a flaw ? (other than it's slightly slower, but still its blazingly fast)
  9. soulfringe said:
    My concern with that is games like WoW that take a lot of access from the HD and run almost 20GB in size.
    Well instead of the 40GB SSD you can buy an 80GB Intel drive from Newegg for $220. That plus the 1TB Green drive is only $20 more than the 600GB Velociraptor. Again, way more performance and more overall capacity too, all for very close to the same price.
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