what is it about matrox?

what is it about matrox?
the cards are inadequate, and they cost SO much money, when they can be outperformed with £20 (7200GS) instead of a £420 PARHELIA card??!!
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  1. lol they are not meant for gaming
  2. They are 2D cards for business use, they are not built for 3d games.
  3. why pay £90 (cheapest one i could find) for a business card?
  4. they have features not found on a cheap 7200GS
  5. wt r they?
  6. sorry just come off msn. correction:
    what are they?
  7. ok
  8. Because they are made for very specific purposes, like crazy stock broker/trader setups.
  9. current gaming cards (geforce and radeon) in multi monitor setups will give you two seperate displays with their own independent resolution. A matrox card combines the resolution of all the monitors and creates a single display. To the best of my knowledge this feature is only available from firegl and quadro series cards which are priced about the same.
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