How can I use RAID 0 array in new computer

I had a small fire in my old homebuilt system(little water from the cooler leaked a bit and shorted out mb). So, I'm building a new system. I'm getting the ASUS Rampage, 3.3GhZ dual core intel, and a single Tb W.D. hard drive. That will be my main bootable HD, and will not be in RAID array.
I have a previous RAID 0 array that I pulled out of my old computer. I want to be able to retrieve the information that is on this array, and use the array as is in the new system.

My questions are;
When I stall the new OS(winxp sp3), and I come to the part where it says hit F6 to install 3rd party software, do I need to install the RAID software then, or can I install it later. I had not planned on having the RAID array connected at first, just to simplify my install, and to save time.

Will I need to format my old RAID array to be recognized in the new system?? Old system was winxp sp3, in an ASUS mb. I think it was a Promise something or other RAID software, and the new computer has different software.

I don't want to lose all my old stuff on this RAID 0 array, what do I do??
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  1. You don't need to install the Intel Matrix RAID drivers when setting up the system. It can be done later.

    Since you didn't provide your old motherboard model, it's a bit difficult to answer your RAID compatibility question. Your old RAID will work only if you are going from Intel Matrix to Intel Matrix. If you were using other RAID software, then it most likely won't work.
  2. +1

    I hate it when the first reply says everything that needs to be said. It's even worse when they give the correct answer. Guess I'll have to get up earlier!
  3. I'm going from an ASUS P4C 800E deluxe, with Pentium4 3.2Ghz to an ASUS Rampage Limited, socket 775, with 3.33Ghz dual core. I remember using some software, it wasn't intel, to format and set up the initial RAID 0 array. I used Promise FastTrak 378 RAID Driver, to set things up.

    So, if I install the OS....then install the RAID0 drives, and then install the Promise FastTrack software, what will happen??
  4. Installing the Promise FastTrack software won't help since the new motherboard doesn't have a Promise controller.
  5. That's kinda what I thought. If I use the intel drivers, will the intel controller recognize a RAID 0 drive that was created with fasttrack?? Or, am I just screwed, and have to format the drives.

    Seems to me that it shouldn't matter what controller/software you used to create the drive. The new software controller should see it, and be able to identify the sectors, and bytes and bits and such....
  6. ^ NO, simply it won't work. Your best bet if you don't want lose everything is to get another RAID controller just like the one you had. Anything else will not recognize the array correctly. THEN cross your fingers. I have done this a time or two moving an array from 1 controller to another identical controller, and it would detect and re-establish the array without problems.
    Moving the array from one controller to a different brand/type of controller is certain disaster.
  7. I used to have a Sony VAIO AR Series notebook, and a friend of mine accidentally spilled liquid onto it, basically frying the mobo and a lot of the vital components.

    We were lucky to have home insurance that covers accidental damage, so I pulled out the HDD's and sent it away to them, they sent us a cheque for approx the price of the Laptop.

    Now, I want to recover my data from the RAID 0 hdd's i took from the AR Series (I didn't trust the insurance company's repair group, their reputation wasn't too good from what I read on forums).

    I can either buy a new AW Series laptop, and build a budget PC from scratch using the same RAID controllers (something I know nothing about), or hope their AW Series laptop has the same set-up as the previous AR Series.

    What would you suggest? :)
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