Advice on SATA controller card?

I just finished my first build and realized I don't have enough SATA ports on my mobo.

MOBO - Asus P7P55D Deluxe LGA1156 - (9 SATA ports)
MEMORY - Corsair Dominator 4gb (2x2) @ 1600 DDR3
VIDEO - Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X HD5750 1GB
CPU - Intel i7-860 2.8GHz
CASE - Cooler Master CM 690 II Advanced
OS - Win 7 64bit
Boot Drive - Intel 80 gb SSD

Sata 1 - boot drive
Sata 2 - 1.5 tb HD
Sata 3 - 1.5 tb HD
Sata 4 - 1 tb HD
Sata 5 - 1 tb HD
Sata 6 - 1 tb HD
Sata 7 - 1 tb HD
Sata 8 - Optical DVD/RW
Sata 9 - Optical Blu-Ray

Additional SATA's needed
Additional SATA 1 - connection to top loading external SATA dock
Additional SATA 2 - connection to front side e-SATA port
Additional SATA 3 - rear e-SATA port
Additional SATA 4 - Future HD expansion

SO................. I would like to add a PCI SATA controller card. There seems to be a bunch of poorly rated options on Newegg in the $30-$50 range and then it jumps to around $130 and then jumps again to around $300.

I know that I don't need 6 gb/s because I don't have anything that moves that quickly anyway.

Can someone please give me some advise on what to buy? Clearly I'd like to spend the minimum, but I don't like buying things twice and would rather spend a little more to make it work.
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  1. The reviews are usually a good indicator; so I guess the best course of action is to not scrimp on this, like how some people scrimp on their PSU. Also, do you realy need those additional SATA slots now?
  2. My first reaction would be to free-up some of the internal HDD SATA ports by converting some of the HDDs to external disks. Also consider more 1.5TB or 2TB HDDs so that you can reduce the number of internal HDDs. Isn't the rear eSATA port integrated into the motherboard?
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