780i and e8400 acceptable temps

my mcp is 81 c and my system temp is 59c idle is that cool enough ??
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  1. AFAIK yes, but you should check Intel's website for info on the 8400's operating temp. A CPU running that hot may also affect your PC's cooling ability, by adding more heat that your cooling systems need to deal with.
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    If by "system" temp, you mean CPU temp; 59 C is high for idle. You need to make certain that your HSF is properly installed.

    As far as the MCP temps are concerned, I'd say that 81 C is on the high side of OK. That is one thing that has always bothered me about the nVidia chipsets.
  3. Your temps are a bit high. The system temp at 59 degrees C while idle is quite high. Are you using proper cooling in your case? I am assuming your CPU temp of 81 degrees C is under load which is quite high as well most likely because of the ambient temperature of the air in the case. Make sure you are using proper cooling.
  4. 59 way to high at idle i run my E8200 overclock by over 1Ghz and my idle temp is 29 usually depending on the room temp it idles as high as 34.

    Are you overclocked at all?
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