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Hi, I need to configure the best possible HDDs setup to work on after effects. Can u tell me how many total HDDs do i need & how to setup those.

Currently I have:
1. Barracuda 500 GB - 7200RPM
2. Freeagent 2TB - 7200RPM [External]

Now i'm planning to buy either

OCZ or INTEL Sold State Drive (SSD) 60GB
Raptor 10,000 RPM

Also i have heard often from graphics designers that we must have 3 hdds > One for OS, 2nd as scratch disk & 3rd for project files. If it really requires i will even buy two new HDDs

Pls suggest me what to buy & how to configure those Hdds for overall fast performance & smooth working in AE?

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  1. I'd suggest buying the SSD for the main boot drive. In addition to Windows being installed on it, Hard Drive Intensive programs would be installed on it as well. However, since it is not very large, use the 500GB mechanical drive for all other programs and storage. Then just use the external for backup and data movement.
  2. Will there be noticeable difference if second hdd is also SSD. Is it advisable ?
  3. The storage drive? Sure, it will be faster, but to get any real space on an SSD costs an absurd amount of money. Thus I recommend (and most do) getting a medium sized SSD for the OS and the programs you run most and a large (and slower) mechanical drive for storage and low use/low load programs.
  4. Thnx for your help EXT64.

    Also i have seen that graphics designers often recommend 3 hdds > One for OS, 2nd as scratch disk & 3rd for project files. What do you have say on this ?
  5. I don't know, I'm not a graphics designer. I assume the idea is that you need to access all of those at the same time? Mechanical drives aren't very expensive, so grabbing a second 500GB shouldn't set you back more than $50-60. However, you might want to try first with your SSD and single disk to see if it works well enough for you.
  6. Is it possible that i configure 2 SSDs as RAID 0 & use my other 500GB mechanical drive for storage of projects files. ?
  7. I think with RAID you will lose some special features of SSDs. SSDs are so fast, I really don't think you need to worry (or at least give a single a try first). Are you concerned about not having enough space on the fast drive, or not enough speed?
  8. I'm not much concerned about the space. SPEED is my priority. Also i'll go with Intel xtreme series 32GB SSD. I hope those are reliable disks as i haven't used any brand other than seagate when it comes to HDDs.
  9. My understanding is that Intel is one of or perhaps the best SSD brand, and assuming the SSD isn't defective, it should last quite a while.

    Do you have a current computer that you do this work on? If so, what are its specs?
  10. Its a super slow machine & i'm not only tired but extremely stressed out. I bought this machine in 2006.

    INTEL DG965 WH
    Core 2 Duo E6420 2.16 Ghz
    2 GB RAM
    Onboard Graphics card
    500 GB Barracuda - 7200 RPM
    17" Display
  11. Pretty nice machine for being nearly 4 years old.
  12. Ok I put one off topic question to you. For my new system I was going for 2 XEONs E5530 that was costing me $1000 but now i'm thinking instead of going for 2 CPUs I'll stick to 1 but a higher series i.e. X5600 (Comes is both 4 & 6 Cores) it will also cost me $1000 approx. But in this case in future i'll be able to put one more X5600 series CPU when prices come down. What do you suggest ?

    Also should i go for 6 cores or 4 cores. Coz every additional CORE will require atleast 2GB of RAM.
  13. Well, I have never built a dual CPU socket system, however I have built several that are dual GPU capable. My advice for those is always to buy the best single "card" available and upgrade later if you need to (which in many cases you don't need to).

    I assume you are looking at this beast?

    That is a nice chip. A little higher clockspeeds than the 5530, however 2 5530's will have 8C/16T while this only has 6C/12T. So I imagine the 2x5530's will be a little faster now (than a 6 core X5600), but obviously will be destroyed with two. Ram isn't too bad these days, and assuming this program is highly multithreading, the two extra cores will be a big help.
  14. Thanks EXT64, yup there will be some difference ofcourse.. but AE doesn't always use multi-processing. Also this one has more clock speed & higher Intel QPI of 6.4GT/s. Apart from this i'll be able to use 1333 DDR3 with it which is not possible with E5530. So i think i must go with Single X5650 & later on when prices come down i may get myself yet another beast. Thanks Buddy.
  15. No problem. Either way that sounds like it will be an amazing system (and an unbelievable upgrade). Enjoy it!
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