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Switching from intel to AMD

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November 8, 2008 6:51:14 PM

Sup guys, I was thinking of getting an Intel Q6600 processor with a mobo with 1 pci express x16 port like the gigabyte or an asus and just get a 4870 GPU.. My plan was to do this because next year sometime in christmas 2009 I was going to switch to the new i7 chips and you need a new motherboard the x58 and all that.. Now I've changed my mind for two reasons #1 i'll be saving money in the long haul and #2 the new denab processors are supported on the am2+ mobos.. So now I want to get a

phenom 9950 BE

AND the best am2+ mobo I could find

Also that mobo has expansion of up to 4 GPU's so i should be set for a while right?

I figure I could get this with the 4870 gpu and it should hold me over for a while then sometime next year or whatever i could always upgrade to the best processor amd has to offer ie denab and at least it will be supported on the am2+ mobo.. I'm trying to future proof my rig really because i'm tired of upgrading every year I would like this to last me at least 3 years before i have to do an entire remodel lol..

Anyway what's your guys opinion think I'm making a good decision?? I'm sure that rig would be able to handle crysis at high settings and if it could handle that game than i should be set with most other games for a while..

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November 8, 2008 8:02:24 PM

Sure, waste $100 and have four GPU's flailing about... Get an inexpensive Gigabyte P45 motherboard and an Intel E8500, you'll be light years ahead of the AMD computer, and it'll play Crysis just fine, like I'm playing here at my house. The idea is to have something that will take you two plus years down the road, when the i7 chips and motherboards have matured, and the prices have settled down. One more thing, there are commas in language, and a "RIG" is either a heroin/crystal methamphetamine delivery device, or a semi truck. A computer is just that, a computer...
November 8, 2008 10:24:34 PM

^^^^ LOL, anyone else have an imput? But I would like one that could actually help me out please, thanks.
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November 9, 2008 4:00:21 AM

I just bought a combo from newegg phenom 9950 and MSI 790GX for my son so he can play FSX with decent fps. What sold it to me was the combo discount of 45 dollars and 15 dollars Mail in rebate of the MB. 250 dollars is cheap for a quad and MB.