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Hello all at Tom's hardware. I'm thinking of getting a Radeon 4670 real soon and apparently I have a PCI 1.0 slot. I also think that the card I want it built for PCI 2.0 slots. Will this run games like TF2 alright? I have a few year old computer, and I just want to know. Thanks! Here's the link:

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  1. You should be fine. If you read the requirements you see

    –PCI Express® based PC is required with one X16 lane graphics slot available on the motherboard

    So as long as your board is PCI-E complaint you should be fine. If I were you though I'd research the board to make sure it doesn't have any issues with supplying enough power to the slot as some older boards do. Should be fine for TF2 and other games depending on your CPU.
  2. Here's my CPU. How do you think it would measure up? I've got 1.5 GB RAM though, unlike in the specs in the link:

  3. If you can afford a little extra for HD 4830 it's well worth it.
  4. agreed^
  5. I would do that, but I would need a minimum 450W PSU, I believe. Mine is only 300W, and all this upgrading would be unnecessary to me.
  6. pci-1.0 gives your gfx 75 watts of power, plus whatever you need to connect to it externally.

    pci-2.0 gives your gfx 150 watts of power, plus whatever you need to connect to it externally.

    my 4870 1gig pci-2.0 card is running half power right now, which means I'm not getting my full potential out of it. every card draws from the motherboard, just some need more juice, hence power supply's with pci express connectors, either 6, 6+2 or 8. each line gives 75 watts of power. so technically the 4870 runs about 300 watts, 150 from the motherboard and 150 from the 2 PSU pci-e connectors.

    running half power will effect your new card purchase.

    the 4830 runs 150 draw from the pci-2.0 slot, and 75 from 1 pci-e from your psu. if you run on an older board, it will only run 75 from mobo and 75 from the pci-e connector, effectively slowing the card like my 4870. you will need a new mobo and a psu.

    playing games that run on the hl2 system, aka counter strike source, hl2, and tf2, will be fine, thought it wont be your cards full potential. get a 8800, they run on pci-1.0 motherboards and req. only 1 pci-e from the psu. the 8800 only runs on 150 watts which is some good power for and older piece of gear. plus it might save you money in the long runs.
  7. Running a 2.0 card on a 1.0 system will not limit it. It will just draw more power over the PCI-E plugs. If it were really getting underpowered, it would crash. I ran my 4850 on a 1.0 slot and then on a 2.0 slot, and the card was stable oin both and performed about the same. As long as the rest of your system measures up, it is fine.
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