My external hard drive is not recognised

I have a Maxtor One Touch 4 Mini external hard drive which I had purchased 2 years ago. I accidently happen to drop it and it wouldnt just show up on My Computer..I have a lot of unbacked up data on it so I would really appreciate if I could get some help on the same as soon as possible. Thanks Much !

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  1. Open the enclosure and re-seat the hard disk - check for performance. If it is still defective, then unplug the hard disk and plug it into an adapter such as
    If it still won't work, you may have to take it to a computer store for data retrieval.
  2. Virus could be the cause. Or the port of the device to the PC is damaged or connect wire loose?

    Try another PC

    Bad sector on the disk or bad master boot record can be the problem.

    Good luck.
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