New to overlcoking need some help or direction for video card and cpu

First things first here is my setup:

CPU: AMD athlon II x2 250
Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-ma770t-UD3P
RAM: 4GB G.Skill Ripjaws ddr3 1333 7-7-7-21
Video Card Asus 4850 matrix 512mb
PSU; corsair 450 watt with 33amps single 12 volt rail
Case: Antec 300

Ok. I've read that my cpu can reach 3.8- 4.0ghz. Now if someone can point give me a few tips or point me in the right direction to another post or something that would be great. Secondly my graphics card i would like to overclock. It came with itracker utility which has an option to overclock it to 660mhz gpu and 199mhz for the memroy from 625mhz and 1986mhz stock speeds so same as the cpu give some tips or point me somewhere with easy to read steps to overclock.

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  1. Hi,

    1- For OC your GPU you can read THIS, is a very good guide.
    2- For OC your CPU you can use THIS guide
  2. thanks. i found a guide last night that is pretty straightforward. I'm gonna abbreviate some things I'm sure you guys will know what they mean. in the guide i have it says ht multi. As far as i can see there is no option for that on my mobo just cpu multi and nb multi. That is my problem as of right now. not gonna worry about my gpu until i get my cpu worked out.
  3. 1- HT multi: Hyper transport multiplier. In the BIOS you can see this option, but your CPU isn't a BE, so, I'm not sure if this options is enable.
  4. ok. So do i leave the nb multi alone then and keep it at auto. i was under the impression that i needed to change thatto keep things in check
  5. I've done some tinkering and will post after orthos is done if stable with results
  6. Well ive been running orthos over night and so far so good. heres what i have so far may tweak a bit more to see if i can get more...

    CPU core speed---3.780ghz @ 1.42v
    Core temp--- 34 degrees Celsius
    Bus Speed---252mhz
    HT Link---2016mhz
    NB Freq---2520mhz
    Ram--- DDR3 1344mhz 8-8-8-27 (may change this)
  7. ^That is a very good OC, remember that the safe voltage for your CPU is 1.425V. [bSee specifications here
  8. ^That is a very good OC, remember that the safe voltage for your CPU is 1.425V. [bSee specifications here

    i've seen in reviews upto 1.52v on this cpu, which seemed kinda high to me. to be honest i set the voltage to 1.425 didnt even check if i could run at one step lower than that at 1.4v. But 1.425 should be safe for running 24/7 right. and i will not be using that overclock all the time anyways i dont think. just when gaming.
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