Are my i5 750's Temp. and VCore OK?

Ok, so I just OC'd my i5 750 by setting the BCLK to 160 and the Multiplier to 20 (as recommended by Tom's Hardware). I am happy with the results, but I was wondering if my temps are good. Before I overclocked, Cores 1, 2, 3, and 4 were all in the 20's. Oh, and this picture was taken about 10 min. after I turned my PC on, so they are basically idle temps.

2nd Question - In the article I read, it said that the test system's BIOS VCore was 1.213 V. Mine is higher than this (1.264 V). Should I change it?

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  1. Not all chips can hit the same clocks at the same voltages. However, lower your vCore and test for stability. If it survives a torture test with either Prime or OCCT, then try lowering it a bit more to see how low you can get it.
  2. Your idle core temps seem to be fine. The full load core temps are much more important. Make sure that the full load core temps are within max spec, 72.7C.

    1.264V is way too high for 160x20=3.2GHz. You need no more than 1.20V at 3.2GHz unless you got an extremely bad chip!
  3. andy5174 said:
    1.264V is way too high for 160x20=3.2GHz. You need no more than 1.20V at 3.2GHz unless you got an extremely bad chip!

    So, if 1.264 V is the default voltage, why was it set so high by Intel? If I lowered it, would it help reduce the temperature of my CPU?
  4. It' set so it works on every chip made as a safeguard to tech support calls. Lower it till it becomes unstable....then up it a notch.....and yes, it will drop temps .... a lot.
  5. Ok, well I reduced my voltage to 1.2 V, and ran Prime95 for an hour. Here are my temps right before I stopped the test. Are these temps good? (I mean, none of my cores failed or anything, so it seems to be alright.) Also, should I run any other tests, such as OCCT?
  6. Try LinX instead of OCCT. LinX and Prime95 are much better than OCCT!
  7. Linx uses Linpack, the same code that OCCT uses in it's tests, so there should be no difference between the two, besides that OCCT has a GPU version of Linpack as well as a few other little tools.
    However, I will note that Prime95 is a beast of a different kind, as I've had stuff that was stable according to Linpack that failed after just a few minutes of Prime's small FFT test, which isn't even the most stressful of the three options it gives.
  8. There IS difference and the difference is huge!

    I guaranty that the core temps under LinX and OCCT will be a lot. Just run them if you don't believe me.
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