How good are these settings?

I have not run any benchmarking programs, but I was wondering what all of you may have to say about these OC settings I got after running ATI's Overdrive in Catalyst.

My card is an XFX HD-577X-ZNFC Radeon HD 5770.

GPU Core Clock: 850 -> 950
Memory Clock: 1200 -> 1430
GPU Temp: 64 degrees @ 97% load

Good? Bad? Unclear?
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  1. The only to know if the OC is good or not, is running a benchmarking program without OC, and run it again with the OC settings.
  2. What benchmarking software would you recommend?
  3. 3D mark Vantage, 3D mark 06, PC Mark vantage, passmark....those are the most used.

    has a list of just about every benchmark ever made.
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